Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I go with Out of the Stack?
A. We are a small company and will give you the attention your book needs. We know where and how to promote while keeping your costs down. Genre placement, keywords, and accurate reader targeting are vital to success. We invest your advertising budget as if it were our own. Publishing your book is merely step one.
Q. What about royalties?
A. The author keeps all royalties. Out of the Stack has no royalty share program.
Q. Should I consider an audiobook?
A. First of all, understand that audiobooks are a long game. Don't expect to recoup the costs of audiobook production within a year or two. It is an investment that may take years to payout. Having said that, it is an ever-growing industry and worth the time if you have the budget for it.  
Q. If I pay Out of the Stack, do I get to keep the cover design, editing, and formatting?
A. Yes. Unlike some companies we believe if you paid for it, you own it. 

Q. Do I retain all the rights to my book?

A. Yes. Our agreement with you the author is for services rendered. You retain all rights to your work.

Q. When can I expect to make a profit?

A. It differs with each project. Some genres are more popular than others, so they typically profit sooner. It takes hard work to ensure your project's success. Remember, this is an investment. Don't expect to break even the first year or even the second. If you are serious about what you have written, it deserves to be read by others.

Q. I paid another company to publish my book, but my sales have been poor. What should I do?

A. First, you must ask your current publisher for a release. Some vanity press/self-publishing companies will let you use the files. You would think this a given, but unfortunately, most will not. In either case, It's time to relaunch your book. Do not let someone else control your book's destiny. Yes, it is nice to have someone do everything for you, but trust me, only you can give your project the attention and care it needs to succeed.