Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the $249.00 promotion package for two years?

A. The $249.00 package is for the first year in order to build the author's brand and to ensure a profitable return for the author and publisher. In the second year of the agreement, a promotion package of $99.00 is required. The number of books competing for readers' attention is increasing exponentially day by day. Therefore, time is needed to build your brand. The 50% royalty share in the second year of the agreement is designed to make continued promotions cost-effective for the author due to increased royalty share and improved book sales. 

Q. When can I expect to make a profit?

A. It differs with each project. Some genres are more popular than others so they typically turn a profit sooner. Because it is beneficial for both the author and publisher, Out of the Stack’s trained professionals work hard to ensure your project's success.

Q. What exactly is included in the $249 monthly promotion package?

A. The package consists of marketing across social media and established book promotion sites such as:

Book Gorilla, Books Go Social, Faithful Reads, Digital Book Today, and many others. Out of the Stack promotes our authors on our weekly blog and on the podcast Chronicles of the End Times hosted by founder Russ Scalzo. The show currently has over 60,000 listens with many daily followers.


Q. Do I have to pay the full amount for the promotion package upfront?

A. No! We prefer that our authors pay monthly or quarterly.

Q: What is the royalty payment schedule?

A.  Royalty payments begin 60 days after the release date and are paid every quarter after that.

Q. I have written a trilogy. Do I have to pay for three promotion packages?

A. No.  Only one is required. The royalty agreement is the same for each book of the series, but only one promotion package is required. Promoting the first book in a series is always the goal. The key is to write a captivating series. If they love book one, they will be eager to read the rest.


Q. I paid another company to publish my book, but my sales have been poor. Can you help me?

A. Yes! First, you must ask your current publisher for a release. Some vanity press/self-publishing companies will let you use the files you paid for. You would think that this would be a given, but unfortunately, most will not. In either case, Out of the Stack would love to have you become part of our family. Our team in consultation with you will design an excellent plan to relaunch your book. If you need help on how to proceed, please email us at


Q. What if my book is ready to publish? How will that affect my royalty agreement?

A. Our royalty agreements are based on Out of the Stack’s initial outlay which includes editing, formatting, cover design, etc. If your book passes our quality assurance requirements and does not require the typical route to be ready an adjusted royalty agreement will be presented to the author.

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