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Publisher, Seven Horns Publishing & Red Pixel Ink (New York, NY)


"Russ Scalzo is a pro at getting books in front of the audiences who want to read them most. He has used his experience, creativity, and insight to deliver marketing and promotion strategies that have boosted rankings and increased sales for our books. Russ is straightforward about what it takes to sell books, and I highly recommend him for excellent marketing, promotion, and book shepherding services."

Red Pixel Ink
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Child of Emptiness (Books I & II)


"If you are an author and you need someone to guide you toward success, Russ Scalzo is the man for the job! Russ understands what writers go through to create books people really want to read. However, this is just the beginning. His knowledge of Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing and the art of promotion required for success helps take you to the next level, where readers are searching for good books. After all, if you've written a great book, having someone who knows how to get attention is invaluable. Believe me – I know. They don't come any more gifted or able than Russ Scalzo."


An Abundance of Grace

"Russ Scalzo has been invaluable to me in marketing and promoting my book.  As a new author, I was inexperienced in just about every area of the publishing industry.  After weeks of searching for a promotional/marketing service that I could afford, I soon realized that most were more interested in collecting their fees than my success as an author. Russ came to my aid, shared his knowledge and experience, and put me on the right track. In a matter of weeks, my book was in Amazon's Editors' Top 100.  Engaging Russ's knowledge of promotion strategies and marketing will be an investment you will never regret." 

An Abundance of Grace