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 Who is the Child of Emptiness? “He will be born in the sixth year, in the sixth month, on the sixth day of the month. He will be empty, and he will be filled.” With what will he be filled? What is his purpose? The prophecy has been found, and the one who discovered it is crucified in the Coliseum in Rome. What role will the young man from America play? What does the future hold? What is coming into the world? In Child of Emptiness, Biff Price has drawn a cast of unforgettable characters together – good and evil – in a tale that spreads across continents to an inexorable confrontation that will leave you wondering when these events will take place? It’s later than you think…

An Abundance of Grace

Do you struggle with understanding God's love? Do you find it hard to forgive yourself hiding behind a wall of pretense, a prisoner of past mistakes? Perhaps events in your past have made it difficult for you to understand love at all never mind a God that is overflowing with love, forgiveness and grace. You are not alone.The author takes you on an emotional journey of her life from a very dysfunctional childhood through an abusive marriage into a life that she never thought possible. Struggling with the scars of abuse, abandonment and rejection she explains how God's unconditional love carried her through the most difficult circumstances of her life. Opening up a new life of freedom and peace. Isaiah 61:1-3 "...to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning..."

An Abundance of Grace
Eugenia Ortega
A Look Into Our Window
In this collection of heartfelt, raw Essays, Eugenia writes openly about her and her husband's experience raising their son Dante. She shares the positives and negatives as a mother of a son with severe autism.Eugenia’s human emotion pours through each page and challenges commonly held ideas that define autism.
Doug Dial
Inspired by and Dedicated to
“Inspired by and Dedicated to” is Doug’s sixth volume of writings. What you hold in your hand is a compilation of stories from friends and family members. The people you are about to meet in this book are largely responsible for most of the poetry and stories found in their chapter. Something they said or did caused an avalanche of inspiration to cascade down the hills of my mind. These are men and women whose friendships I greatly cherish. They are real and they are remarkable. Some of them are extremely extraordinary people who have made exceptionally amazing accomplishments for the Kingdom of God. Others may not have accomplished as much as some, (at least not in human eyes) are nonetheless remarkable in a host of ways. My hope is that within their tales and the poetry and stories that follow, you will find hope, encouragement, and inspiration.
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Be prepared to laugh and cry, to be inspired, and find your heart rejoicing!
Experience the Origin of a Prophet …

When a sixteen-year-old boy is suddenly caught up in a series of miraculous encounters, it heralds an adventure that will transform his life, rock his town, and trigger events that will ultimately change the world!
Befriended by a powerful angelic warrior, Jimmy finds himself in the center of God’s plan for Earth’s final Great Revival. The beginning of God’s amazing harvest at the End of the Age. Like an intense roller coaster, the journey he experiences is exciting and unpredictable. Heartwarming, as well as heart-rending. God prepares him for a mission more extraordinary than anything he could have imagined, placing him in the rare company of ancient prophets and apostles alike.

WITHIN & WITHOUT TIME melds powerful Biblical truths with an imaginative and engaging story that envelopes the reader in an intense range of human emotions. 
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