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Out of the Stack is different from most Indie publishers. How? Let's compare:


When you sign with Out of the Stack, you get professional editing, formatting, an eye-catching book cover, and monthly book promotions. The best part . . . it's yours to keep! It might be hard to imagine, but other Indie and vanity press publishers consider the services you paid for (editing, formatting, and cover design) to be their property, so after a time, if you decide to take your book and go somewhere else, you can't. Trust me, I hear this complaint all the time from angry, discouraged authors who are forced to start all over again with their original manuscript.


Many companies will publish your book, but that is where it ends. For them, promotion is an afterthought. They make their money manufacturing books. If you're with a good one (and there are good ones), you will end up with a beautiful looking book you can show your friends and family. Merely packaging, setting up distribution, and placing your book on a publisher's website will not bring you book sales. 


At Out of the Stack, we specialize in promoting books. We work with knowledgeable professionals who take care of our editing, formatting, and cover design, so we can concentrate on selling books and getting reviews for our authors. We accomplish that by placing your books on top promotion sites that have large followings. We use only advertisers we trust and with whom we have ongoing relationships. As an author, I know what works. I have worked hard to provide our authors with the best value possible. It is my goal to help you get your book published and in the hands of hungry readers without breaking the bank. 

Components of Standard Publishing Package


      We will meticulously review the final draft of your manuscript for grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, typos, and incorrect word usage.

COVER DESIGN: eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover

      Readers are more likely to buy a book with an interesting cover and are less likely to buy a book with a drab cover. The truth is - that people do judge a book by its cover.


      We format the interior design of your book for print and eBook. 


Add essential keywords so readers can find your book.

Increase the number of Amazon categories for greater exposure and higher Amazon ranking.

Collaborate with the author to write the most compelling book description. It matters!

File upload assistance. (Publishing your book.)


A three-month promotion will put your book in the spotlight.

Final Cost $3,997.00
It's a jungle out there. Promotion is not an option, but you don't need to mortgage the farm to stay in the hunt. Monthly promotions will keep your sales moving and help with brand development.
Out of the Stack will manage your book weekly. Keywords, book descriptions, and genre placement all need constant attention. It is not a one-and-done task.
We advertise your book on promotion sites we know and trust.
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