• Russ Scalzo

Why I Created Out of the Stack Publishing

Traditional with a Twist

Out of the Stack offers all the benefits of traditional publishing with an added twist. There are so many good authors looking to publish their work that many resort to overpaying for services. With advancements in technology, industry acceptance, and reader enthusiasm, independent publishing has become an increasingly viable option, but why give away creative control and settle for a mere 10% royalty share?

1. Once your book is accepted, we offer professional editing, cover, and interior design, for paperback and eBook and partner with you in marketing your book to sell.

2. We offer a 30% royalty share in the first year and 50% in the second year.

Never Limit Your Book’s Potential Reach

Amazon is the elephant in the room, but what happens if Amazon changes their format or decides to exclude certain genres or specific books in the future. How will people find you?

Out of the Stack distributes to over 39,000 outlets all over the world!

If a reader wants to read your book, it should be available to them. It’s as simple as that. You don’t know how readers will want to consume your content. Your reader may shop exclusively at their local independent bookstore. They may only shop for books online. They might even leave their book discovery to libraries. We make sure your distribution doesn’t exclude any of these outlets.

Get the Benefits of a Traditional Publisher

The most successful authors and publishers are the ones who understand the publishing process, the publishing industry, and your target audience. If any of these pieces are missing, your book cannot reach its full potential. We understand what kind of editing and design your book needs and what information booksellers and libraries need to carry it.

We carefully choose the proper genre, research books similar to yours, how much they sell for, and what keywords are best to attract your target readers. Out of the Stack is committed to giving you and your book the best possible opportunity for success.

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