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Tending Your Garden

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

I love to work outside. I weed, water, fertilize, and prune my plants. It is a great amount of work, but the benefits outweigh the effort. Your book functions much like a garden. On rare occasions, a plant will thrive with little help. However, to reap a harvest, your book needs to be continuously looked after.

Are you doing all you can to make your book discoverable? If you are, you have a much better chance at success than those authors who self-publish, then ignore.

Publishing a book is not the end. I am amazed at how many authors, after months and possibly years of painstaking effort are content to merely hold their dream in their hands in the form of a paperback or hardcover. Books are written to be read and to be shared.

The right editor and cover design are vital, but so is proper genre placement and monthly promotions.


1) Rewrite your book description every once in a while. Compare it to other books in your genre.

2) Learn how to make the most of the maze that is Amazon categories.

3) Blog, blog, and blog some more.

4) Listen to your readers. Need to make changes? Don't be afraid to update your manuscript.

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