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Out of the Stack: A New Hybrid Christian Publishing Company

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

The term hybrid is a new concept in book publishing. It is a unique and innovative way to get your book out to market. There are extremely varied business models, methods of working with writers, and approaches to marketing and distribution. BEWARE: not all are interested in your success.

This can be a confusing term to discuss because you will hear different definitions and descriptions of hybrid publishing depending on who you ask. The term has become popular among companies that wish to put a new look on a age-old activity: charging writers to get publish.

So what makes Out of the Stack different?

First thing's first. Out of the Stack is not a vanity press. We do not accept every manuscript that is submitted to us. However, if our staff chooses your book, we design your cover, edit and format your book, and set up distribution at no cost to you as the author. Out of the Stack Publishing combines more than fifteen years of industry experience with a passion for exciting and captivating stories. With comprehensive editorial, production, distribution, and marketing support, Out of the Stack has the expertise and relationships to expand your reach and establish your brand. Each month, our goal is to build an impressive list of fresh, exciting voices with books that we believe people want to read, which means we're always looking for new talent!

Overseeing your manuscript and working with you to manage your promotions with proven strategic online advertising, social media, and promotional campaigns are what we do at

You have written a great story. What's next? Up until now, there have been three choices.

1) You work hard to convince a literary agent who handles your specific genre to represent you in an effort to land a traditional publisher to accept your work.

Result: This is the conventional route, and the most coveted, but even this has its pitfalls. From my experience, it is challenging to say the least and extremely frustrating.

2) You pay a Vanity Publishing company to produce your work. Average cost: $2,500 -$3,500.

Result: Your book is published, but that is it! (unless you pay for a pricier package)

3) Do the work yourself and or pay someone to... edit your manuscript, design a book cover, format for eBook, format for paperback, and run ad campaigns each month.

Result: You get to keep all your royalties, but you have essentially acquired a full-time job. Believe me, I know. I have done it, but there is a better way!

How do you keep your book out of the stack and in the hands of readers?

Selling books is the goal of every author and publisher, and we believe we have found the best way to accomplish it. The reason we call Out of the Stack a hybrid solution is a simple one. We partner with our authors in a new and innovative way. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for your book to be published, only to leave it languishing in the stack of millions on Amazon, we publish your book at absolutely no upfront cost to the author. We, at Out of the Stack, concentrate our efforts on advertising because we know that ads sell books.

What do we do upon acceptance of your manuscript?


1. Professionally edit your book.

· Copyediting including a line-by-line edit.

· Proofreading of the final manuscript.

2. Tastefully design and format the interior for eBook and paperback.

3. Create eye-catching cover designs for both editions.

4. Set up distribution on Amazon, including selecting keywords and adding multiple hidden genres related to your book.

5. Set up your Amazon author page.

6. Feature your book on our webpage.

7. Schedule an interview on our podcast.

Partnered with you, the author, Out of the Stack, will then run monthly online promotions.


The author agrees to purchase a monthly $249.00 promotion package of which 100% is spent DIRECTLY on online advertisements and promotions. The balance will be spent on tracking, monthly evaluations, and updates. For more information click on our Publishers Guide.


Out of the Stack seeks to discover and publish new authors in eBook and paperback format. We know that there are many writers out there who need this service. If you are one of these folks, we want to help your work reach the world. We hope that you will embrace our offer to submit your work to Out of the Stack. We are looking forward to working with you.

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