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Defining Your Goals

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

For first-time authors, there is nothing like having a printed book we can put on the shelf and show people. It is a beautiful feeling of accomplishment. Many who begin this journey never finish for a plethora of reasons. Writing a book is a big deal, and you have every right to feel proud of it. If you are anything like me, that feeling quickly fades away.

You worked hard for months, possibly years, to tell that story that burned in your heart, so why not share it? Most of us will not become rich selling our stories, but money isn't the only measure of success. Sure, we would all like to receive a sizable royalty payment each quarter, but what we genuinely want is for people to enjoy our books and fall in love with our characters.

This is the driving force that keeps us moving forward. We should never rush a book to publication or put a book out without a professional edit and provocative looking cover. We should strive for the best our project can be. I have made my share of mistakes, including rushing to publication. It is tough to come back from a bad editing job. I have, but it wasn't easy—this is what helped me.

I suggest finding two or three readers whom you trust and pass along each finished chapter as you go. Of course, read it over before sharing it - you don't want them tripping over simple mistakes. This process will give you solid feedback on your storyline and character development. It worked wonders for me. I had four faithful readers, and as it turned out, they couldn't wait for me to send them the next chapter. It gave me confidence and kept me writing. We all need encouragement and constructive criticism. It makes us better. If you are serious about getting your book into the hands of hungry readers, consider Out of the Stack Publishing. I would love to help you reach your goals and bring your story to light.

Whichever course you chose, I wish you the best.

God bless,

Russ Scalzo

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